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Noisy Birds

Under Legislation - "Local Government Act 1999"

It is stated the objectives of this Act are -

(a) To encourage responsible bird ownership;
(b) To reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by noisy birds;
(c)To promote the effective management of noisy birds

It is Councils responsibility to advise that under section 254 of the above Act it is an offence to own a bird where the bird causes a nuisance or hazard to health or safety either by itself or in conjunction with other birds due to noise; eg

  • Roosters (cock-birds) crowing
  • Cockies/galahs screeching

All people have a right to an uninterrupted nights sleep. It is socially unacceptable to ignore this responsibility and creates a health hazard to the community.

Council's Compliance Officer may be asked to investigate any complaints received regarding noisy bird issues, as a result, owners of noisy birds may be asked to:

  • To rehouse the bird elsewhere
  • To sound proof the habitat area, or alternatively
  • Remove the bird

Be a responsible bird owner and act to stop any noise bird issues you may have this will avoid any possible action being taken by Council.


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