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Dog Registration

Dogs and Cats Online

From 1 July 2018, Dogs and Cats Online will be the central database for microchipped and registered dogs and registration payments. 

To register your dog click Dogs and Cats Online (DACO).

Existing dog owners should receive a renewal notice in the mail during July 2018 with their dog's new lifetime registration disc (replacing the annual disc) and instructions on how to complete their annual dog registration on Dogs and Cats Online.

If you prefer, you can purchase and engrave your dog's permanent registration number on a metal disc.  The metal disc can be as funky as you like, as long as the registration number is made clear.  

If the grey plastic disc becomes lost, you can purchase a replacement tag through Dogs and Cats Online.

Renewal registration notice

To register your dog you will need to wait to receive your renewal registration notice in the post with Port Lincoln dog owners to start receiving their notices from 16 July 2018.  The renewal notice will include information on how to make payment online through the new Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) website.  Follow the prompts to self-manage your dog's information and pay the annual registration renewal fee.

Dog owners that do not have access to a computer can come into the Council Administration Office, Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln and staff will be able to assist in registering your dog.

Dog registrations are to be renewed each year by 31 August.

New dog laws

From 1 July 2018, all dogs in South Australia will be required to be microchipped*.

Dogs born on or after 1 July 2018 must also be desexed* by 6 months of age.

*exemptions or an extension of time may apply.  Visit the following Dog and Cat Management Board page for information

Dog Registration Fees

Dog Registration Fees are still set by Council each year as outlined in Council's Fees and Charges Schedule.

Fee Type


Standard Dog (microchipped and desexed $45.00 $23.00
Non Standard dog (all other category of dog) $95.00 $48.00
Assistance Dog Nil  Nil
Late Registration $45.00 $45.00
Replacement Disc    As per DACO Charge       As per DACO Charge   
Transfer of Registration    As per DACO Charge       As per DACO Charge   
Registration of dog kennel or breeder business   $95.00 $95.00

*Standard dog - A dog that is both desexed and microchipped

*Non Standard dog - All other dogs, even if they are exempt from rules around desexing or microchipping (ie dogs belonging to registered breeders, working livestock dogs etc)

*Assistance dog (Guide, Hearing, Disability Dog) - Must be advised in the Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) system by Assistance Dog accreditors

*Concession - Concession card holders are required to supply a valid concession card number to be eligible to receive the rebate.

  • Health benefits or concession card issued by the Commonwealth
  • Pension concession card issued by the Commonwealth
  • Concession card issued by Family and Youth Services
  • Totally and permanently incapacitated Disability Pensioner
  • British Commonwealth Service Pensioner in receipt of a pension form and assessed as eligible by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Commonwealth Unemployment or Sickness Benefits or State financial assistance

*DACO - Dogs and Cats Online - State-wide online animal management database administered by the Dog and Cat Management Board.

Application for registration

If you do not have access to a computer you will need to complete an Application for Registration of a Dog form and bring it into the Council Administration Office along with a drivers licence or proof of age card to prove your identity and age as part of the registration process.  You will also be required to provide proof of microchipping and desexing of your dog.

Number of dogs

If you wish to have more than two (2) dogs at your address you must complete an Application to Keep more than Two Dogs and submit the application form along with a fee to Council for approval.  Council’s Authorised Officer will then conduct an inspection of your property and will letter drop your neighbours to seek their comments.  If approved, you will receive a permit which is applicable for the life of the dogs or until you change address.

Breeders registration

People who breed dogs and cats for sale must register with the Dog and Cat Management Board, visit

Dog and Cats Online

Dog and Cats Online is an online service for all registration payments, microchipping and breeder information for dogs and cats.  It allows pet owners to instantly update registration and microchip details if you move house or change phone number, and pay your annual registration fees.  

Dogs and Cats Online will assist Council to reunite lost pets with their owners.

For more information about the changes visit

Dog and Cat Reforms – what you need to know information sheet


New Dog and Cat Laws from 1 July 2018 Image

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City of Port Lincoln ABN: 80 776 127 243
PO Box 1787, PORT LINCOLN SA 5606
Level One, Civic Centre,
60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln
Telephone: 08 8621 2300 | Fax: 08 8621 2399
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