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Council Services

Council is responsible for managing the local government area, planning for the future and creating a safe and healthy environment.  It is also committed to being responsible, innovative and efficient, and exercising leadership and building community strength.

The Council does this by ensuring that resources are allocated to the provision of a range of services, facilities and programs directed to achieving the Strategic Directions Plans goals and objectives and ensuring equitable access by all residents, ratepayers and visitors.

Council’s Service Profile provides detail of the services and activities which are aligned to six core service areas:

  1. Governance Services
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Community & Wellbeing Services
  4. Community Infrastructure & Civil Works
  5. Development Services
  6. Environment & Community Safety

The core Service Areas are under the leadership of the Business Manager Corporate Community & Governance Services and Business Manager Infrastructure & Environmental Services, each with a team underneath them to enable efficient and effective delivery of services to the city.

Service Profile – City of Port Lincoln

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Need more information

If you have any questions regarding the City of Port Lincoln’s Organisational Chart or Service Profile, please contact:

City of Port Lincoln
Chief Executive Officer
9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: 8621 2325