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When is Approval Required?

In accordance with the Development Act 1993 Development Approval must be obtained from Council prior to undertaking any form of development. Development includes:

  • Building work
  • A change in land use
  • Division of an allotment/boundary realignment
  • Construction or alteration of a road, street or thoroughfare
  • Advertisements
  • Solar Panels
  • Types of fencing, particularly in specific areas
  • Creation of fortifications
  • Certain work performed in relation to a place that is listed as either a Local or State Heritage place
  • Certain minor operations
  • Earthworks of a certain kind.

What consents will I require?

The type of consent you need will be dependent on the nature of your development proposal. You may require either Building Rules Consent (commonly known as building approval), Development Plan Consent (commonly known as planning approval), or both. Most development proposals involving building work will require both planning and building approval. You may wish to lodge for planning and building approval concurrently, however you may decide to apply for planning approval first to minimise the costs of preparing detailed plans.

Development Plan Consent

Development Plan Consent involves an assessment of your proposal against the City of Port Lincoln Development Plan. The plan is available for viewing at the Civic Centre, or it can be downloaded from Council’s website.

The Development Plan is a statutory document designed to facilitate the orderly development of the City. It includes guidelines to control development to ensure that the character and amenity of the City is maintained and enhanced and that new developments are appropriately located. Development Plan Consent is also required for applications for land division. Should you require guidance on matters relating to the division of land, please see Development Information Guide —Land division.

Building Rules Consent

An application for Building Rules Consent involves the technical assessment of a proposal for compliance with the National Construction Code and other relevant Australian Standards. The Construction Code covers issues such as structural adequacy, fire safety, health and amenity, and access for people with disabilities.

Download Information Guide 4: When is Approval Required?