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Port Lincoln CBD, Foreshore & Marina Precincts Master Plan

The CBD, Foreshore and Marina Precincts Master Plan (the Precincts Master Plan) presents a bold vision for the City of Port Lincoln, using research, strategic advice and artistic impressions to provide insight and prompt discussion about what the future could hold for our city. Initiatives challenging how we plan, organise, use and invest in our public spaces have been developed to guide the revitalisation of Port Lincoln’s public realm, which in turn will act as a catalyst for economic development and improved liveability.

On Monday 21 September 2020 Council received the Port Lincoln CBD, Foreshore and Marina Precincts Master Plan (the Precincts Master Plan) and adopted an Implementation Strategy.

The Implementation Strategy sets out the themes, objectives and strategies that Council will use to progressively implement and advance the Precincts Master Plan vision.

Implementation Strategy

Precincts Master Plan

Community Consultation

In late 2018 Council and consultants Jensen Plus engaged with the community through a series of Co-Design workshops and meetings to explore ideas for optimising the potential of the City’s three main activity precincts. The outcomes of these sessions helped form the basis for the Precincts Master Plan. Later in 2019 Council again engaged with the community to seek feedback through information sessions and surveys on the ideas, proposals and recommendations contained in the Draft Precincts Master Plan.

The Consultation Report adopted by Council in August 2020 summarised the community feedback and key messages received, together with Council’s responses, which will be key references in more detailed design development.

Consultation Report

The Precincts Master Plan will require further design development and refinement, with input from stakeholders and community as projects progress through the Annual Business Plan and Budget processes each year.

Project Implementation

The Precincts Master Plan projects represent a large scope of capital works for a medium-sized regional city to undertake.  With over $35 million of works identified including the Parnkalla Trail extension, funding partnerships with Federal and/or Statement Governments will be critical in the implementation of priority projects.

Initial budget forecasts indicate that a financially conservative scenario with no borrowings and modest partner funding would enable completion of about 30% of the full projects’ scope over 10 years, or 50% over 15 years. More project outcomes can be achieved with greater partner funding, outcomes-linked borrowing, reduced operating expenditure and increased revenue.

The Precincts Master Plan identifies a number of 'Quick Wins' to be delivered in the next two years, along with larger projects to commence planning and design in the same period. When project priorities are confirmed by the Council details of these projects will be listed on this page.

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