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Valuations & Objections

The Council may adopt one of three valuation methodologies to value the properties in its area. They are:

  • Capital Value - the value of the land and all of the improvements on the land.
  • Site Value - the value of the land and any improvements which permanently affect the amenity of use of the land, such as drainage works, but excluding the value of buildings and other improvements.
  • Annual Value - a valuation of the rental potential of the property.

The Council continues to use site value as the basis for valuing land within the City of Port Lincoln area. The Council considers that this method of valuing land provides the fairest method of distributing the rate burden across all ratepayers on the following basis:

  • The fairness principle of taxation which suggests that individuals should make similar contributions to the cost of providing local government services as they in turn receive similar benefits, in terms of those services provided;
  • The efficiency principle, which generally assumes large swings in the value of property, are less likely under the site valuation method.

Objection to Valuations

The Council has adopted the valuations made by the Valuer-General as provided to the Council for 2017/2018. If a ratepayer is dissatisfied with the valuation made by the Valuer-General then the ratepayer may object to the Valuer-General in writing, within 60 days of receiving the notice of the valuation, explaining the basis for the objection, provided they have not:

(a) previously received a notice of this valuation under the Local Government Act 1999, in which case the objection period is 60 days from the receipt of the first notice, or 

(b) previously had an objection to the valuation considered by the Valuer-General.

The address of the Valuer-General is:
State Valuation Office
GPO Box 1354

Ph: 1300 653 345

Please note that the Council has no role in the valuation of a property.  It is also important to note that the lodgement of an objection does not change the due date for the payment of rates.

A person who is dissatisifed with a decision of the Valuer-General on an objection will be able to seek a review of the valuation by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) under section 25C of the Land and Valuation Act.  A person who is dissatisfied with the decision of a land valuer on an application for review (including the Valuer-General) may also seek a review of the valuation by SACAT under section 25C.  For further details visit

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