Approval is required for the demolition of all buildings and structures for which Council’s approval would have been required to erect the structure.

Generally, there are few planning issues associated with the proposed demolition; however, the following exceptions do apply and advice should be sought from Council before commencing any demolition.

The exceptions include the following situations:

  • The building is listed as a State or Local Heritage Place; and
  • Encumbrances, land management agreements or other covenants registered on the Certificate of Title that prevent the removal or alteration of the building.

Other considerations:

  • Prevention of damage to buildings and fences on adjoining properties
  • Suppression of dust arising from the demolition process
  • Disconnection of services with the consent of the appropriate authorities
  • Ensuring a fire extinguisher is on site during demolition work
  • Protection of surrounding streets
  • Need for any underground excavations
  • Placement of warning signs
  • Protection of pedestrians, council infrastructure, and road reserves (including crossovers and footpaths)
  • Ensuring the removal of all garbage and waste material
  • Shoring, propping and securing of demolition work while the site is unattended
  • Impact of demolition on party and/or common walls.
  • Management of hazardous material, including asbestos.