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How are Applications assessed?

Applications for Development Plan Consent (Planning Consent) and Land Division Consent are assessed using a document called a Development Plan. Each Council has its own Development Plan containing the policies that apply to that area.

Council officers assess applications against the policies in the Development Plan that are relevant to the location and type of development proposal. All of the relevant policies in the Development Plan are considered and a decision or recommendation is made after balancing the range of different policies and aspects of the proposal. The policies which the application is assessed against include:

  • Council Wide (Applies across the entire council area)
  • Zone (specific to that area)
  • Policy area (specific to that area – is a sub-area within a zone)
  • Tables (Council wide or area specific - such as car parking requirements or road setbacks)

The assessment will also need to consider the provisions of the Development Act 1993 and the Development Regulations 1993. Some applications may also need to incorporate State government agency requirements.

The assessment will be done by a Planning Officer. Planning Officers are skilled professionals with university qualifications in planning, and trained in Development Assessment. More minor applications may be assessed by a less experienced Planning Officer or Planning Assistant, overseen by a more experienced Planning Officer.

Applications for Building Consent are assessed against the Building Code of Australia and the South Australian Housing Code. Assessment of building applications can either be done by a Council Building Officer or by a Private Certifier.

Download Information Guide 6: How are Applications Assessed?