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Information required to lodge an Application

The type and amount of information required to accompany an application will vary depending on the type of development proposed, and whether the application is assessed as a building consent only, complying, merit or non-complying development. Schedule 9 of the Development Regulations 2008 outlines the minimum level of information that must be submitted at the time of lodgement. This information is required to ensure assessment of the application is processed efficiently.

Building consent only requirements are detailed in the information guide: Development requiring building consent only.

The following information outlines the requirements for a general merit-assessment development application.

For more information on non-complying development application requirements, please see Information Guide 7.

Essential information

  • A completed and signed development application form (available from Council’s website or the Civic Centre)
  • Payment of a Construction Industry Training Fund (CITF) levy is required for building work with a value exceeding $40,000. Payment can be made online at ‘pay a levy’ using your credit card. A receipt will be issued immediately in pdf format, please forward a copy of the receipt to Council for confirmation of payment
  • Housing Indemnity Insurance Certificate, where applicable (for development costing more than $12,000). This is not applicable to owner-builders unless the individual contract exceeds $12,000 or the owner-builder is a building work contractor
  • A copy of the Certificate of Title Register Search Plus, providing details of your Certificate of Title (date of issue being no greater than 3 months old) MUST BE SUBMITTED.  You can download your search from or alternatively our staff will obtain one for you and send an invoice
  • Completion of the Office of the Technical Regulator Powerline Declaration Form, acknowledging that the applicant will not be contrary to the regulations under the Electricity Act 1996. This form is available under the Forms tab on Council’s website

Site plan details

The site plan must comply with the following criteria; however a lesser level of detail may be acceptable in some circumstances. The site plan must:

  • Be drawn to a recommended scale of 1:200 showing all boundaries of the site including measurements and site area, and a north point.
  • Show the location of all existing buildings and any native vegetation and/or landscaping on the site.
  • Show the location of any easements on the property.
  • Show how stormwater will be discharged from the site.
  • Show any existing and proposed landscaping, including plant species, location and mature heights.
  • Show the location of proposed retaining walls with details of required cut and/or fill.
  • Show vehicular access points from adjoining roads onto the land and car parking spaces for occupants and visitors.
  • Indicate placement of street furniture such as stobie poles and any side entry pits adjacent to the property.
  • Show contours of the land and finished floor levels of proposed building work in relation to the water table.

Other information

  • Elevation plans (drawn to a minimum scale of 1:100).
  • Details of proposed external building materials, finishes and colours.
  • Detailed information for Building Rules Assessment (2 copies). This should include: roof, wall and floor layouts; specifications and schedules of work to be undertaken; applicable wind speed, wall and roof bracing details, engineer’s footing construction report and any other structural design plans; details of wet areas, retaining walls; stair and balustrade details and calculations.

Special requirements

In some instances you will need to consider other factors in designing your development and include additional information when you lodge your application. These instances include, but are not limited to, bushfire prone areas and high wind areas.

Download Information Guide 8: Information required to lodge an Application