Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic systems which meet the following requirements do not require development approval from Council, pursuant to clause 15 of Schedule 3 of the Development Regulations 2008:

  • When the solar photovoltaic panels have a total weight less than 100 kilograms;
  • When greater than 100kg if:
    • weight load is distributed so that it does not exceed 100 kilograms at any one point of attachment to the roof; and
    • the panels (and any associated components) do not overhang any part of the roof; and
    • the panels are fitted parallel to the roof with the underside surface of the panels being not more than 100 millimetres above the surface of the roof; and
    • the panels are installed by a person who holds an accreditation under a scheme recognised by the Minister.

If the solar photovoltaic system you are intending to install does not meet the above requirements you must first obtain Development Approval from Council before installing Solar Panels.

For details on the information required to lodge an application to install a photovoltaic system, refer to the Solar Panels Information Guide 29 and Checklist.