Expiation and Infringements Information

If you have received an Expiation Notice for an alleged offence you are required to make payment within 28 days from (and including) the date of the notice unless an arrangement has been entered into under section 20 of the Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Act 2017.

Payment of the Expiation amount will be required to be paid in full for payment to be accepted.

When paying your Expiation you will need to enter in the Expiation Number from your notice, including the letter in front of the number ie A0090 and the date of issue which is located on the top right of your notice.   When making payment you will need a valid credit card.

Click to make an Expiation Payment.

Part payments and payments made after the due date cannot be accepted.

If you would like to arrange to make part payments or have received an Enforcement Notice, please contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit on 1300 659 538.

Further information about managing your fines to enforcement actions can be found from the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit website at www.fines.sa.gov.au.

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Need more information

If you require any assistance, experiencing difficulties when making payment or have any questions on your Expiation Notice, please contact:

City of Port Lincoln
Regulatory Services Team
9.00am – 3.00pm, Monday to Thursday
Phone: 8621 2300
Email: plcc@plcc.sa.gov.au