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The Cemeteries maintained by the City of Port Lincoln are:

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Please note: 

  • Choosing 'All - Statewide' directs the search through participating Councils' Graves registers across South Australia.
  • Burial records, including plot maps are also available at the Council Office located at Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln. 

You may also visit each Council's website to refine your search to that Council's local Cemeteries.

Burials and Interments

Any new burials or interments require applications to be signed by persons who are authorised to exercise the Interment Right (lease).

16-16-T2 Interment Application - Burial Authority Form

16-16-T16 Interment Right Statement

  • North Shields Cemetery - new burials or interments are allocated in the next available site determined by Council/curator.
  • Happy Valley Cemetery - new burials and interments are restricted to existing interment rights only.
  • RSL Garden of Remembrance (managed by Port Lincoln RSL) - Please contact the Port Lincoln RSL for all enquiries.

North Shields Cemetery - new interment rights are issued at time of burial or interment or when applying for a pre-paid burial reservation.

Happy Valley Cemetery - no new interment rights are being issued.

Transfer of Interment Right

If you are the current Interment Right holder of a site and would like to transfer the right to someone else please complete and submit forms 16-16-T12 Transfer of Interment Right; and 16-16-T17 Interment Right; or

If the holder of an Interment Right is deceased the Interment Right may be transferred by submitting forms 16-16-T13 Transfer of Interment Right - Authorised Person with a certified copy of the will of the deceased and 16-16-T17 Interment Right.

Pre-paid Burials - North Shields Cemetery ONLY

Council recommends speaking to a funeral director in the first instance. 

City of Port Lincoln offer pre-paid burials in the headstone section only and next available site at time of reservation is allocated.

16-16-T3 Pre-paid Burial Reservation and Interment Right   

Applicants will be invoiced and a certificate will be issued after payment has been received by Council.


Headstone and Plaques require permit approval from Council - please complete the relevant form below.


16-71-T3 North Shields Garden Cemetery - Application for Permit to Erect a Headstone or Additional Inscription


16-71-T2 Application Permit for Cremation Memorial

Once the application has been approved installations of Headstones and Plaques must be undertaken by a registered monumental mason, or plaques only can be installed by Council/curator.

Cemetery Fees and Charges

Refer to Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

If you require any assistance or have questions regarding any of the above, please contact the Council Administration Office on 8621 2300 or visit us at Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace, Port Lincoln.

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