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Port Lincoln RV Designated Areas and Dump Point

Port Lincoln is a RV Friendly Town and provides two designated areas for overnight stays for those self contained recreational vehicles who don't wish to stay at one of our local caravan parks.  Permits are $10.00 per night and are available from:

Port Lincoln Visitor Information CentreAxel Stenross Maritime Museum
3 Adelaide Place, Port Lincoln SA 560697 Lincoln Highway, Port Lincoln SA 5606
Phone: 1300 788 378Phone: 8682 3624

For those needing a dump point to dispose of their grey or black water the City of Port Lincoln has a black water dump point located on Windsor Avenue adjoining the Ravendale Community Sports Centre (opposite Waybacks Football Club).

This dump point has a universal drain which means you can empty your black water (contents of your toilet cassette) and grey water (water from your shower and sink) into the one point.

The dump point is open during daylight hours only all year round.

GPS location: Latitude 34.743056  Longitude 135.855

Rinse water (non potable) available

A hose is attached and should only be used for washing/rinsing your holding tanks - under no circumstances should this hose be used for any other purposes.

Potable Water (drinking water) available

A potable water tap is available and is clearly marked for drinking. You will need to use your own hose for filling tanks.

Disposing of Waste

Two waste bins have been provided at the site for disposal of rubbish.  We ask that you refrain from placing wipes (including flushable wipes), sanitary pads and nappies into your black water as these items do not break down and cause blockages in the system.  It is important to place these types of items in the waste bins provided along with any other rubbish you want to dispose of.

Please ensure you leave the site clean for your fellow travellers.

Need more information

Self Contained Recreational Vehicles Designated Areas Flyer

City of Port Lincoln Town Map

Report an issue

If there is an issue with the dump point, please contact:

City of Port Lincoln 
Infrastructure Services Team
9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: 8621 2300