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On-site Wastewater Systems

The majority of households in the City of Port Lincoln area are provided with a sewer service by SA Water.  A small number of properties are not serviced by SA Water and have their own wastewater arrangement.  These can include septic tank and soakage systems or aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

Wastewater systems are governed by the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013 and its Prescribed Codes:

Approval from the relevant authority is required prior to installation of an on-site wastewater system.  This includes permanent greywater systems and connections to a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS).

Applications must be submitted to the relevant authority on the Application for an on-site Wastewater Works Approval form as specified by the Minister and accompanied by the appropriate fee as per Council's Fees and Charges Schedule.

Each application must also include two copies of:

  • a detailed sanitary plumbing and drainage lay-out (refer to Section 8 of the Code); and
  • a site and soil report (refer to Section 3.6.1 of the Code).

Applications where necessary, must include a detailed assessment of the land capability of the site via a soil report (ie the suitability of the site for treatment and disposal/reuse of domestic wastewater).

It is recommended that you research and select a wastewater system best suited to your location and circumstances prior to submitting an application, as the type of wastewater system selected will impact how you can use your land.

To assist you with completing your application and to ensure you supply all the relevant information as per the ‘On-site Wastewater Systems Code’ please refer to Council’s On-Site Wastewater Works Application Guide.

Please note: failure to provide the correct information will result in delays in obtaining an approval. It is recommended that you ensure all relevant information is submitted with your application.

Applications where the relevant authority is Council can be forwarded to:

By post:

City of Port Lincoln
PO Box 1787

In person:

City of Port Lincoln
Level One, Civic Centre
60 Tasman Terrace

Installation or alteration of a wastewater system or part thereof shall not commence without the approval from the relevant authority.

Council is the relevant authority for the installation of on-site wastewater systems with a capacity up to 40EP (Equivalent Persons) or connection to a Community Wastewater Management System; or

The South Australian Department for Health and Ageing for systems to be installed with a capacity greater than 40EP, Community Wastewater Management Systems and for wastewater systems in areas of the state not under local government control, as defined in the On-site Wastewater Systems Code.

As per the On-site Wastewater Systems code owners/operators of on-site wastewater systems shall ensure that they hold maintenance and service contracts for their on-site wastewater systems, where applicable under the conditions of approval.  Owners/operators shall ensure that all maintenance and servicing is undertaken by an appropriately trained person with experience in servicing wastewater systems.

Servicing must be undertaken in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the conditions of the relevant authority's approval.

Service providers must forward a copy of each service report to the relevant authority and notify that authority if they cease to service the system.

Council reserves the rights to carry out inspections on any aspect or component of the on-site wastewater system to determine compliance or otherwise with all relevant standards and codes.

More information on wastewater system requirements including approved wastewater products can be found at SA Health’s website at

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If you require any further information or have questions regarding on-site wastewater systems please contact:

City of Port Lincoln
Environment & Regulatory Services Team
9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Phone: 8621 2300