Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee (formerly known as the Financial Management Audit Committee) comprises the membership of three Councillors and two independent members (appointed by the Council) and shall meet at least four times per year on such dates, times and places as the Committee may determine by resolution and may hold additional meetings as resolved by the Committee or otherwise required by the Council.

Members of the public can attend all meetings of the Committee, unless prohibited by resolution of the Committee under the confidentiality provisions of section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999.

The Committee is established for the specific purpose of providing advice to the Council in its financial reporting and sustainability, internal controls and risk management systems, whistleblowing/public interest disclosure, internal and external audit functions, governance, and other related investigations.

Audit and Risk Committee - Terms of Reference [PDF]

The Agendas and Minutes of the meeting are available for inspection (without charge) at the Council Office and a copy of the documents can be obtained on payment of a fixed fee by Council or can be viewed below.