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Deputations and Petitions

A deputation or presentation may be made by a person or group who wishes to appear personally before a Council or Council Committee meeting in order to speak on a particular matter currently under consideration or related to Council’s functions.

A person/s wishing to appear as a Deputation or make a Presentation must put forward a request either in writing or via email to Council’s Executive Assistant at the Principal Office of the Council by midday on the Monday preceding a Council or Committee meeting at which the Deputation or Presentation is to be made.


Principal Office:

City of Port Lincoln
Executive Assistant
PO Box 1787

Level One, Civic Centre, 60 Tasman Terrace

The request will be forwarded to the Presiding Member, and she/he will decide if the request is granted or refused.  If the request is refused the Presiding Member must report the decision to the next meeting of the Council or Council Committee.  The Council or Council Committee may resolve to allow a Deputation to appear despite a contrary ruling by the Presiding Member.

If the request is granted a written response to the Deputation or Presentation, which may be by email, will include details of the date and time of the meeting as well as the length of time to speak.  Each deputation will be allocated a 10 minute time limit in which to address the meeting excluding questions.

There will be no more than three Deputations or Presentations scheduled per meeting.

Elected Members will be invited to ask questions after the Deputation or Presentation.

Persons making a Deputation or Presentation, who wish to provide written material in support of the representation, should do so prior to the scheduled meeting to enable copying and distribution.  Details of any other requests for the representation must be included in the request.

Petitions by a person or group received by Council will be presented at an Ordinary meeting of Council only.

Where petitions received do not meet the requirements of the Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013, Regulation 10, the Head Petitioner may be contacted by a staff member to clarify intent and to assist in processing.

The Petition should include, for each person who has signed the petition:

  • their name;
  • full address; and
  • must be signed by each person.

The Names and Addresses must be legibly written, typed, or printed and the petition must clearly set out the request or submission of the petitioners.  A town name or location on its own can not be accepted as an address.  The petitioners must provide enough detail, along with their signature, so that the authenticity of the signatories can be verified. It is the Head Petitioners responsibility to ensure that the petition meets the requirements of the Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013 and Council's Code of Practice - Council & Committee Meetings Policy 18.63.2and include the total number of unique valid signatories contained in the petition when submitting to Council.

Following the receipt of a petition, a report will be listed on the Agenda for the next Ordinary Council meeting addressing the matter raised by the petitioners.

If the petition is received after the Agenda has been finalised, it will be presented at the following Ordinary Council meeting.

The Head Petitioner can request to withdraw the Petition from the Agenda if received before the Agenda has been finalised.

Petition Template 2-67-T1

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If you have any questions regarding meetings of Council and/or Committees, please contact:

City of Port Lincoln
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